Thursday, February 22, 2007

Warboard Plans Moving Forward

Well, I finally got a start on my reorganization, in the form of sorting out my first platoon of Revell British Infantry. Had a good bit left over, but not the right combo for another standard platoon. I did, however, find a marvelous deal on two more boxes of the same on Ebay, and decided I could eek out the funds for it. So, I'm hoping with the combination of 4 boxes of them, to have enough to build at least a full company. After that, perhaps I'll apportion the remainder out as drivers and other semi-useful figures. I'm also seriously considering setting up a carrier platoon.

Platoon HQ
1 man with sten gun - platoon commander, subaltern
1 throwing a grenade, carrying a rifle - platoon sergeant
2 marching with rifle
1 PIAT team (1 man with PIAT, 1 man with ammo and rifle)

3 Rifle Squads, each
1 man with sten - Corporal

Bren Section
1 Bren gunner
1 throwing a grenade, carrying a rifle - Lance Cpl, second in command
1 rifleman with shovel

Rifle Section
2 Riflemen with picks
2 throwing a grenade, carrying a rifle
2 marching with rifle

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