Monday, January 19, 2009

Income and outgo

Still have all the items for sale/trade listed three posts down. May add to the list soon.

In the meantime, I'm expecting probably by the end of the week or possibly next week to have a small addition to my Roco forces, namely a platoon of 5 Panthers and a single Sdkfz 7 half-track. This will be my first actual German half-track, where right now all my half-tracks are diecast US ones from various toy companies. Hot Wheels, mostly, with a smattering of Zee Toys and Johnny Lightning.

With the arrival of the Rocos, I shall have all the vehicles necessary to recreate the first battle in Operation Warboard. This has been an objective that's been in my mind for a few weeks now, to assemble troops and vehicles and try out the battle as an IABSM scenario. I may use British troops instead of American as I already have some Brits being based up. I'm also debating whether to use the number of platoons listed in OW, or go with squads, as the platoons in Operation Warboard have roughly a squad worth of figures in them, so going with squads would be closer to the actual figure count involved. Plus, the scenario calls for 3 trucks, each carrying a "platoon", and I'm thinking the carrying capacity for a truck is probably about one squad in IABSM.


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