Thursday, August 6, 2015

AK-47 Update

After some puttering about with an African name site online, I've decided to rename my new AK-47 Republic from Ztumsia to Kinyonga. It's supposedly Swahili for Chameleon, which seemed quite suitable. This means the Nationalist army MUZ is now the MUK.

I also decided to rename the tribes mentioned in the narrative.

The Zaitu are now the Chandu (Swahili for Octopus)
Papa Noote's tribe are now the Twiga (Swahili for Giraffe)
And the new religious appointee, Brother Isaac, is now of the Imfezi tribe (Yoruba word for Cobra)

For now, I've left the names of the characters unchanged, but I may later find myself giving them "real" names as well. We shall see.

The first order of figures to arrive included one pack each of Rebel Minis African Militia and African Military. I've sorted out 6 small arms bases and 3 RPG bases of the militia into tiny bags. Those may not stay sorted as they are once the rest of the figures arrive, however. I also received a package each of Modern Police and Modern Civilians, but I'm not sure they'll work for what I was initially thinking about. All of those were ordered from Noble Knight.

I'm still awaiting deliver of a mixed group of Old Glory 15mm infantry and vehicles from Warweb, so once those are delivered I'll be able to sort out my troops better. Also waiting on an order of suitable bases from Litko.

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