Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A few more arrivals

Today's mail brought a couple of AK-47 related items.

Firstly, a set of diamond needle files ordered off of Amazon for about $16. I realized once I started receiving the figures that I really wasn't supplied for metal files, so I did a quick search on Amazon for highly rated ones and these seemed the best choice for my needs. We'll see how they perform. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0048087RQ

And secondly, my first order of Peter Pig figures direct from Peter Pig arrived (faster than some of my USA orders have). One each of  17-68 75mm Recoil-less Rifles, 17-43 Dictator, and 17-44 Religious Leader. They're remarkably clean sculpts, very nicely done. The Dictator will likely serve as the leader of the MUZ forces, while the Religious Leader will of course lead the MBU.

This evening...or I suppose now it's morning...also saw me finally figure out how to get to the right Peter Pig range on the Brookhurst Hobbies site and get the page to display 100 items instead of the default 10, so I may be forced to order a few more Peter Pig from Brookhurst to test them out now that I'm no longer having to page through all 2000 or so Peter Pig items 10 at a time.

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