Thursday, August 28, 2008

10mm ACW Painting Continues

Yesterday allowed me to get a little further on painting, and I've got some fresh photos to show for it. I actually was able to paint one stand several days ago, since the last post, but didn't get a photo of it. So now I have one stand that's ahead of the others in the painting steps. As usual, click on the photos to get a larger view.

Step 4: Trousers
For these union troops, I'm using Delta Ceramcoat 02106 Bonnie Blue as the trouser color, and I've begun using a new technique for these, which I used to use in my teen years on 1/72 scale figures. Instead of a paintbrush, I'm using a toothpick. While the shaking of my hands still causes paint where I don't want it some, it seems to cause a lot less trouble than stray bristles off the paint brush.

Step 5: Jacket and Kepi
I decided on using Delta Ceramcoat 2083 Navy Blue for the coats and hats on this stand, but I'm pondering the possibility of using some other dark blues on various stands. Initially this will likely be to learn what I like, but it also leaves some room for variation in dye jobs and wear to the fabric. You can see where I slipped and got a bit of the dark blue on the rifle barrel while painting the kepi. This will be corrected later.

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