Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Warboard: WW2 British Infantry Completed. Maybe.

As of yesterday, I've got my complete British Infantry company read to my satisfaction, with three full platoons and a headquarters. I've also built half a carrier platoon, and plan to add in a 2-gun anti-tank section.

I'm still debating whether to give them the standard 6pdr guns, or go ahead and upgrade them to 17pdr. Historically, the infantry tended to get the left-over 6pdrs as the 17pdrs went first priority to the artillery units. But since they're an attached unit, it's entirely possible they could be an artillery unit attached to that sector. I have an imbalance of tanks in the Germans' favor, so I'm pondering going with that as an equalizer.

This still leaves me with an odd collection of leftovers, and I'm seriously pondering doing some converting of the PIAT teams into infantry with rifles and Stens as I saw someone else doing this by simply cutting the PIAT related items carefully.

I'm open to suggestions though for using them:

10 PIAT teams (1 man marching with PIAT on his shoulder, and a sten. 1 man marching with rifle on his shoulder, and an ammo case in his other hand)

6 2" mortar teams

7 prone Bren gunners

7 running Bren gunners

2 Officers with Stens

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