Thursday, March 8, 2007

Warboard: The Next Project

With my Brits basically settled, except for the leftovers and some need for gun crews, the next project on my Warboard to do list is to organize my Germans into satisfactory platoons, and hopefully a fully company. I'm debating making them a Panzer Grenadier company, and then dropping any leftovers into the infantry or other arms. The odd part about these is that they're a mixed bag of different sets, which I'm planning to combine together. This will make my platoons less uniform, but as I'm doing the latter half of the war anyway, it's not that out of the ordinary for the Germans to have a mixed bag of equipment and uniforms within that time period. We'll see what I end up with. I'm once again using Bayonet Strength as my primary source for their organization, though I will likely continue doing searches here and there for additional info.

I've actually got an abundance of Germans, with German Paratroopers and German Engineers also on the menu. I had intended to have enough Americans to counter-balance the Germans with the addition of my Brits, but made a mistake in my buying and bought two boxes of Modern US Infantry instead of two boxes of WW2 US Infantry. I do have one box worth of US Paratroopers, and some British Commandos to work with.

If anyone needs Revell Modern US Infantry, I've got two sealed boxes I can sell or trade. :>

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